About me

Welcome to my humble blog about chaos magic as a tool for thriving in a chaotic world.

As I write these lines, it’s autumn 2020 and the reality we thought we knew has gone to some very strange places indeed.

Alas, divination has never been my strong-suit, but it does feel that we’re all living through the end of something… the wheel of time turns, as they say, and my goal in writing this is to help us all to up our magical game and improve our chances of not being crushed as history rumbles on by.

About Me

I’m Glyn, a British expat living in Finland, and a practising magician (on and off) since my teenage years. Having left the soulless world of IT a few years back without a plan, fate has brought me to teaching and coaching. Since right now it feels like we need a few more magically-operant folks in the world, I’m on a mission to help people find their power and be a point of stability for those around them.