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practical experiments in chaos magic

All my imaginary friends

January 15, 2021 — Glyn

Chaos magicians put a lot of time, effort and care into building friendly thought-forms we call servitors. Understandable when incautious tulpa creation can leave you with an over-attached pony messing up your sex life and threatening to kill you.

Do you know who else put lots of time, effort and care into building friendly thought-forms?

Six-year-old you, that’s who!

If you were anything like me you didn’t just have one imaginary friend as a child, you had a whole ecosystem of them. Personally I spent literally years of my childhood creating loyal friends and imbuing them with imaginal energy.

Did you ever stop to wonder what that anthropomorphic penguin is doing today? Because I guarantee he’s still out there somewhere in the astral realm. And he has a heavily-armed space-ship. Don’t know about you, but I could use few allies like that here at the start of 2021!

Your turn

Try getting back in touch with your invisible childhood friends. Do it as a visualisation or journeying exercise – whatever approach feels right for you. Treat it like reconnecting with your best friend from primary school; tread gently at first and don’t ask to borrow money during the opening conversation! If your imaginary friend isn’t interested, respect that and move on; don’t forget that you’re re-establishing friendship and trust with an autonomous entity you birthed and then abandoned!

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