Sigils and Servitors

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Choose your own reality

November 07, 2020 — Glyn Faulkner

Belief-shifting is the most powerful tool in the chaos magic chest, yet also the most easily overlooked.

I’m as guilty as the next wizard; I started out with sigils, moved on to servitors, and then finally got around to the boring belief stuff. I mean, I even called this blog Sigils and Servitors, not Sigils, Servitors and Belief-Shifting, though admittedly that would have spoiled some really sweet alliteration.

The point is, belief-shifting is at least part of the mechanism behind all those sexy sigils and stalwart servitors; ever tried sigilising for something you strongly believed wouldn’t happen? How did that work out for you? Still waiting for the big lottery win, huh?

Here’s a belief-shifting exercise for you to try:

Note down at least five beliefs that you don’t currently hold (hint: if this seems odd to you, put I can change my beliefs whenever I want to first on the list!). For each one, write down the ways you’d behave differently if you really believed that. Aim for a mixture of beliefs about yourself and beliefs about how the universe works. Throw in something patently unbelievable if you fancy a challenge.

Pick one off your list and internalise the belief. Repeated affirmations during meditation can help with this, as can making a sigil for the belief. Think and act in accordance with the new belief for at least the next two weeks. How is your life different as a result? Record any changes. After two weeks, decide whether to keep the belief or not based on whether it had a positive effect on your life. Repeat the same experiment with a different belief.