Sigils and Servitors

practical experiments in chaos magic

Stealth sigils

November 09, 2020 — Glyn Faulkner

Sigils are one of the fundamental tools of the chaos magician, but sometimes they can be impractical when you need a spell right now.

Maybe you’re travelling, perhaps you’re at dinner with your Evangelical relatives who already think you’re Satan, or maybe you just feel like doing things differently (gosh, I like you already! :D )

What’s a wizard to do?

Here are a few ideas…

Suspended sigils
Try creating a sigil ahead of time, but include the intention that it is only triggered when you visualise it and speak (or subvocalise) a command-word. If you find this effective you can keep a few quick-cast sigils tucked away in your brain for emergencies.
Imaginary magic
If you have a visual imagination, you can turn words into sigils entirely in your head. If your imagination is out of shape you can simplify the process by only using a few prominent letters out of the intention, or even imagining a squiggly symbol that feels right.
Syllabic sigils
If you have more of an auditory imagination, try rearranging syllables in your head instead of letters on paper. The result will be a short nonsense phrase. Use it as a magical incantation, a mantra for meditation or, for extra punch, as a vocal warm-up exercise for your cathedral choir.
That’s the sound… of sigils
What happens if you just decide that some pre-existing sequence of arbitrary sounds, such as the lyrics to a Simon and Garfunkel song or your country’s national anthem, has a particular magical meaning today? Practice finding magical significance in the lyrics of banal pop-songs and the harmonies of classical music.
Somatic sigils
Remember the dance to YMCA by the Village People? Sigil. Adho-mukha svanasana pose from yoga? Sigil. Standing on a chair and reaching overhead to change a lightbulb? Absolutely a sigil. So next time you’re heading to the dance-floor at your cousin’s wedding, assign arcane significance to the Macarena and get a few dozen of your unwitting relatives to help power-up your magic.